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How healthy is your terrain?

Written by: Dr. Michelle McConnell As we say at Live Well, its not about the bug its about the terrain.  If you take for example some one that is contagious with the flu virus or any virus for that matter and put them in a room with a group of healthy people not all of […]

Sleepiness vs. Fatigue: What’s the Difference?

Do you feel tired all of the time? Is getting out of bed in the morning difficult, or getting through the day a constant struggle?  It turns out low energy is one of the most common symptoms that drive patients to see their doctors. And although we often use words like “sleepy” or “fatigued” interchangeably, […]

Apple Watch 4 Keeps You Healthy

At Live Well Wellness Center we practice naturopathic care – it’s something we strongly believe in. Once a month we’ll send you an email about the latest in naturopathic care. Why? Because your health is very important to us. Last week, Apple announced the new Apple Watch 4. The Apple Watch is not only the […]

5 Questions About Cold and Flu Season

This week temperatures in the valley dropped – big time. Whenever the temperature falls, we find ourselves outside more and around people more, with that comes exposure to cold and flu viruses. Dr. McConnell has put together some educational material aimed at helping you prepare for the cold and flu season, including what you can […]