Are You Experiencing Hair Loss or Thinning?

It is no secret that a common symptom of COVID-19 is hair loss. Many people who had the infection in the past are noticing hair thinning and increased hair loss on their scalp. It is thought that the hair loss is not caused by COVID-19 itself, but rather the physiological and emotional stress that the […]

Improve Your Quality of Life With Peptide Therapy — Ipamorelin and CJC

Peptide therapy is a new and exciting field in anti-aging and integrative medicine.  There are many different types of peptides available, all of which work to stimulate different biological processes.  Some of the most commonly used peptides work by stimulating our bodies natural production of human growth hormone (hGH).   What is Growth Hormone? Human Growth […]

Are You Starting 2021 Feeling Tired and Fatigued?

Many people are starting out 2021 feeling stressed, burnt out, and lets be honest…tired!  From fighting a pandemic, to murder hornets and a crazy election, we all could use a spa day to unwind and reset.  With the roller coaster of emotions that 2020 year has brought come many unwanted symptoms.  One of the most […]