Gut Health

Listen To Your Gut: A Brief Guide To Digestive Health

Written By: Dr. Michelle McConnell There are 327.2 million people in the US as of 2018. Would you believe that 74%  (or 242 million) have some kind of digestive difficulty. This can range from gas, bloating and pain to Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and even cancer. More than half of these people admit that they […]

How Healthy is Your Terrain

How healthy is your terrain?

Written by: Dr. Michelle McConnell As we say at Live Well, its not about the bug its about the terrain.  If you take for example some one that is contagious with the flu virus or any virus for that matter and put them in a room with a group of healthy people not all of […]

What you should know about the coronavirus

What You Should Know About the Novel Coronavirus

Written by: Michelle McConnell, NMD It’s hard not to be worried with all the new media circulating about the Novel Coronavirus. We want to give you some information about this virus and how it compares to other well known viruses so you can make healthy decisions to stay well.  There are also ways you can […]