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Male Menopause Is Not Just For Older Men

A CNN Report from 2018

Hearing an older man talking about feeling tired, losing muscle mass, or having a decrease in sex drive is probably not surprising to anyone. Hearing that men can suffer from male menopause, that will get your attention. It all has to do with testosterone.

Just as older men can suffer from decreased testosterone levels, young men can as well – and it’s something that is happening enough that major news outlets like CNN have covered it this year.

Low testosterone isn’t just an ‘aging’ thing. Several things can impact this hormone level:

  • Stress
  • Mood
  • Diet
  • Overall Health
  • Medications
  • Being Overweight
  • Insufficient Sleep

Younger guys are sharing sexual concerns such as erectile problems that are typically seen in older men. When a man is living with some of the triggers mentioned above, it is very possible that they are suffering from low testosterone. These symptoms always contribute to the problem.

What You Can Do About This Mainstream Issue

In 2018, men have more options than ever to turn around less than optimal testosterone (no matter their age).

Exercise and healthy eating are a great way to increase your testosterone – but do keep in mind that not all exercise is equal. Naturopathic physicians will tell you that the best way to boost testosterone naturally through exercise is by weight lifting – especially using large muscle groups.

Through diet, choose foods that contain carbs which take longer to break down such as high-fiber fruit, vegetables, and whole grains – all are great choices!

Introducing healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, and organic lean meats which are grass-fed and grass finished.

AND A LITTLE FACT YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW – most testosterone is produced between 5am and 7am, so getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important. Here’s an excuse to turn the thermostat right to where you like it – set it to a temperature that is optimal for your comfort so you can sleep through the night. Also, taking a warm shower before bed and doing deep breathing prior to laying down is a habit.

Male Menopause and Naturopathic Care at Live Well Wellness Center

Men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone should consider taking supplements after talking with their healthcare provider. Vitamin D and zinc support testosterone production. There are also natural herbs that can help stimulate testosterone production.

Another option is testosterone-replacement therapy. You’ve probably heard about the side effects of this type of treatment usually done by injection. There’s a better way to do it. At Live Well Wellness Center, we use pellet therapy. Pellet Therapy is a treatment that releases natural, bio-identical testosterone which is absorbed consistently into the body as needed.

If you’ve noticed some of the symptoms mentioned above in yourself or someone you love, it might be caused by lower levels of testosterone. Our hormone therapy can help alleviate many of these symptoms. You can also talk with Dr. McConnell about supplements to optimize testosterone production. Schedule an appointment with Dr. McConnell by calling us at 480.752.7600.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions Answered

Humans, we have around 50 hormones in our bodies and 10 different glands from which these hormones are secreted. For the most part, we are unaware of what these hormones do in our bodies on a daily basis. But if we have a shortage of one or another of these hormones, we become uncomfortably aware of their function – thus, Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy is the process of restoring natural hormones to their optimum levels and is one of the services offered at Live Well Wellness Center.

Dr. Michelle McConnell is one of our providers at Live Well Wellness Center and provides answers below to some of the most common questions related to HRT.

1) Who can benefit from hormone replacement therapy?

Everyone can benefit from HRT. Each person is different and will benefit in different ways. A woman may present with terrible anxiety, a little fatigue and low libido. HRT will have a huge impact on her because she’ll notice that her anxiety has been greatly reduced. Men present in a different way, writing off fatigue and low libido as a normal part of aging. Women’s symptoms are more detrimental to quality of life, and in that respect, they may report better results.

2) Why does Live Well perform HRT?

Live Well Wellness Center takes HRT very seriously. We don’t just look at sex hormones or symptoms. Through our intake, we can see the large picture of who a person is and what factors (hormone or otherwise) are contributing to their symptoms. Live Well Wellness Center treats the whole patient. We want the patient to have a holistic result and that’s part of our philosophy at Live Well

3) What tends to be the biggest concern from patients considering HRT?

The biggest concern heard regarding HRT from both men and women is cancer. The fear comes from a study done in 2001 that concluded that cancer and cardiovascular events can occur when taking hormones.

There is one MASSIVE caveat to their conclusion: That study was done using synthetic hormones. Live Well Wellness Center uses bioidentical hormones.

There is no comparison between synthetic and bioidentical hormones. What you’re getting with Live Well Wellness Center is exactly what your body is putting out.

4) Do I have to stay on hormones for the rest of my life?

By all means it is safe to do so, however if you stop therapy you will only return to the state in which you originally came to Live Well. If you had anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, they will eventually return. HRT is safe to stay on as long as you want to feel good.

5) Are there any other naturopathic care treatments that complement HRT?

HRT can help with patients who are diabetic, overweight or have inflammatory markers on their labs. As part of a comprehensive plan that involves other naturopathic care treatments, we can address those issues. Naturopathic care can play a large role in improving overall health – especially when it’s found that hormones might not be the only cause of a problem.

We regularly hear from patients that we’ve changed their lives through hormone replacement therapy. We look forward to helping you accomplish every health goal you set.

Questions About HRT or Naturopathic Care?

No matter your level of familiarity with HRT or naturopathic care, it’s normal to have questions. If you would like to set up a consultation with Dr. McConnell, please call our office, (480) 752-7600, so we can get a time scheduled.